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Step into a simulated election experience that emulates the conventional voting process. Begin by registering your information, just as you would in a real election. Afterward, use the same details to authenticate your login, ensuring a secure and accurate voting process. Once logged in, cast your vote – remember, each user is allowed one vote only. And the excitement doesn't stop there – witness the live results as they unfold.

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Accessible Voting for All

Electpoll ensures that every eligible voter can participate in the electoral process, regardless of physical ability or location. Our user-friendly system is designed with accessibility in mind, making voting a seamless experience for everyone.

Verified Voter Identification

Secure elections begin with verified voter identities. Our e-voting system employs a robust and reliable identification process, ensuring that only eligible voters participate and preventing fraudulent activities. This feature is further enhanced with optional multifactor authentication.

Streamlined Voters Management

Efficiency meets accuracy with our voter list upload feature. Election officials can effortlessly upload lists of eligible voters, streamlining identification processes and ensuring a seamless voting experience. Our uploading supports various file formats.